Daily Diary » June 1, 2008 - June 10, 2008

Teterboro-New Jersey / Bar Harbor-Maine / Goose Bay-Canada

After an exciting morning at Jet Aviation -Teterboro NJ, where we had all of our dear friends and family that came to wish us a farewell and a safe trip, we took off for a circle and a low fly along runway 19. We waved good bye and headed to Bar Harbor Maine. This leg went smooth for 2HR and we enjoyed our lobster lunch. We continued to Goose Bay Canada climbing initially to 9,000 ft, hoping for this altitude all the way but mother nature forced us to climb to 14,500ft to avoid icing in the clouds. After 30min we had to climb higher due to the clouds with icing so we decided to descend to warmer temperature and we came down to the minimum in route altitude of 4,200ft. Finally after 4 HR of freezing our butts off (the heat didn't work), we landed safely in Goose Bay - the wind was gusting 28 -35 knots in 40 degrees (back to the winter). Tomorrow AM we are heading to Narsarsuaq Greenland.

Goose Bay-Canada / Narsarsuq-Greenland

After a night's sleep, we arrived at Goose Bay airport and called in for weather in Greenland. Foggy with low clouds but will disipate by the time we arrive. We met two pilots, Brian an Aussie, and Derick from Kansas, who were ferrying N935PA, a new twin diesel Diamond Star to Spain. They took off about 15 minutes before us and while the flight was uneventful, we communicated with them. When we approached Greenland, the weather got clearer and the view of the mountains with the snow caps appeared. We could see icebergs in the water spread all over the surrounding areas. As we got closer we decided to fly visual through the bay and surrounding mountains. It was magnificent. We took lots of pictures and a movie. We arrived before the Diamond Star. We were faster.

Goose Bay-Canada / Narsarsuq-Greenland

After breakfast we went to the terminal to check the weather and to see a Piper Seneca that crashed about 6 Minutes before landing after running out of fuel. We met two German mechanics, Philip and David, who were hired to repair the Seneca. Since David is an expert In Barons, we asked him to check our heating system. Hopefully it work now. Thank you Dave. Because it was a gorgeous day in Narsarsuaq, we decided to hike up a mountain behind the hotel for beautiful view of the glacier and the fjord. In the afternoon we joined a local transport boat (an old fishing boat) and sailed along the fjord between the icebergs, and it was awesome.

Narsarsuq-Greenland / Akureyeri, Iceland

Breakfast and then we are off to the Narsarsuq Terminal to check the weather forecast for our flight to Iceland. The local weather people were very helpful (we paid for it, and for the Fuel too at $17.00 a Gallon (oofah!). According to weather reports, there was a low pressure system to the southwest of Iceland, so we decided to fly to Akureyrei in the north instead of Reykjavik. We filed VFR since the freezing level was very low crossing the front. We took off flying over the icecaps of Greenland and the view was spectacular. After crossing the shoreline, we flew the great circle direct to Akureyrei. Crossing the front we encountered some major head wind, which according to the forecast was 65 Knots. It slowed the the plane to a ground speed of 113 Knots. Since the base of the clouds was 2000 feet, we had to fly at 1500 feet over the white caps of the North Atlantic. After a flight of 5.6 hrs, we landed in Akureyrei, Iceland. When we arrived at the ramp, two uniformed guys approached the aircraft to meet us. They took our names without even checking the passports. Seems this is an easy way to enter the EU.

Akureyeri, Iceland / Wick, Scotland

The service at Akureyri airport was very good. Mr Bjorn Leifsson took very good care of us. Thanks Bjorn! The flight was relatively uneventful. Flying over the North Atlantic Ocean, we passed over the beautiful Farrow Islands, but unfortunately, they were partly covered by clouds (see photos). The only issue during the flight was getting used to the Scottish accent after the Icelandic accent. We landed at Wick airport and headed to the only BB available in town (The "Harbor Cafe"). The population of Wick is 7500. We had dinner at one of the two open restaurants in town, "Alexander", and the food was very edible. Sitting down for dinner, we met an elderly couple that gave us a coupon from the local paper for two salads, two steaks, plus a bottle of wine for $28.00. WHAT A BARGAIN.

Wick, Scotland / Toussus Le Noble, France

We got up in the morning and saw a very heavy fog outside the window, but decided to go to the airport anyway to check the weather. While we were working on our flight plan, the fog started to lift and we decided to take off to Paris. The flight went with no event and crossing the channel between England and France was very nice. When we got closer to Paris, the controller vectored us over Paris for landing. It was very exciting to see Paris from above. The most difficult task of the flight was after landing - to get a taxi to Paris, but with the help of Michele from "Air Haffaires Assistance", we managed to get a taxi after 1.5HR of waiting. We are staying in Paris until Monday the 9th. Bonjour.

06/07/2008 - 06/08/2008
Paris, France

We spent two beautiful days in Paris, visiting the Louvre, the Opera House, the district of St Michelle, and more. Traveling Paris by bicycle was a terrific way to see the city. And to conclude a perfect weekend, we had a lovely evening with Mookie's family: Pierre, Fransuaz, David, Valentine and Ann. Additionally, the French Open was taking place while we were in Paris, but we couldn't get tickets, so we watched the matches on a huge screen at the Hotel Deville.

Toussus Le Noble, France / Budapest, Hungary

At Toussus Le Noble airport, we received great service from the weatherman at the tower. While filing the flight plan to Budapest, which included about 20 reporting points, we received great help from Eric from the local FBO. The flight along the Alps went smoothly despite the scattered clouds between 4000-12000 feet with some CB along the route, but we were able to circumvent them with the help of Radar control. They were very accommodating throughout the flight. The landing at Budapest airport went well. Ilan and Avia (Mookie's brother and sister-in-law) picked us up from the airport and drove us to the hotel. Later that evening, we were invited to dinner at their house. It was very tasty. GOOD JOB AVIA!!!

Avia and Ilan picked us up in the morning from the hotel and gave us a great tour around the beautiful city of Budapest. We would like thank Avia and Ilan for their hospitality. They were GREAT!!!