Sunday August 10, 2008.

Adventure Completed.

We successfully circumvented the world in our Baron 58!

Check out all the photos and logs from our trip.

Our Flight Around The World!

Visiting five continents.
North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

This is the story of two friends and a dream to fly around the world.

"Hey Mike, let's fly around the world."

"Mookie, that's insane. In other words, let's do it! – But wait. Don't we need pilots?"

"Mike, we are pilots."

"Right. Good point."

And that's pretty much how it started.

Now we're making it a reality.

  • Plane –
  • Fuel –
  • Route –
  • Toothbrush – TBD : fuel dump required

There's a very good chance we’ll be stopping in a town near you.

Check in frequently to see where we're going next.

You'll know us when you see us,
so don't forget to duck!

Mookie and Michael
Two Friends in a Beechcraft Baron 58.

Two Friends, One World, Around They Go!